Day 1

Well, well, well….I am in Antarctica!  How crazy is that?  After arriving in New Zealand we got fitted in our ECW gear (extreme cold weather) and had a few days of relaxing in Christchurch.  I attempted to meet up with Martin (a wwoofing host from the last time I was in New Zealand), but things didn’t quite work out.  Maybe when I return.  Friday morning we got up extra early and headed to the Antarctic Center.  We were rushed through security, put on our huge coats and what-not, and climbed into a HUGE DC-10 (I think).  It was so odd to be in a huge military cargo plane with no windows and huge pallets of cargo.  The flight was about 5 hours long.  The nice thing was that we were able to get up and walk around as much as we wanted, and even sleep on the floor.  There was one tiny window on the door that we could look out.  For most of the flight all you could see was ocean or clouds, but then, sure enough, we began to see huge ice bergs and eventually solid snow and ice.  I got to go up in the cockpit and see all of the craziness up there.  That was wild. 

 When we got close, we were told to strap in to our seats.  The next thing we know, we’re rumbling along the ‘ground’ and the doors open.  We were herded out of the aircraft onto the sea ice that we landed on and huge mountains surrounding us.  It was so overwhelming that I just was speachless.  I climbed up into “Ivan the Terra Bus” and was driven up to the Galley (the cafeteria) for our introduction meeting.  First off, I saw Eli and Meredith, which was great.  It’s nice to see someone you know.  Here’s where things got a little crazy.  I returned to where I had set my bag down only to find that someone had accidentally taken it.  Eli helped me make signs requesting my bag and as we were putting them up, we found my bag….I guess whoever took it returned it.  Then I went up to my room and unlocked the door.  It had four beds, no windows, and a huge crucifix on the wall and it was creeping me out.  I couldn’t live there.  I tracked down Karl (my fellow General Assistant) and found out that he didn’t have a roommate, so I went to housing and changed that.  Then I was supposed to meet up with my boos, but he never showed….so I had to track him down….His name is Ken and he’s extremely nice and laid back.  After all of that nuttiness, I went with Meredith to the craft room to make a halloween costume for the big party on saturday night.  I was exhausted, so I went to bed.  OH yeah, the sun never sets here, so we’ve got a huge black curtain to block out the sun.  It’s very weird to have the same amount of sunlight when you went to bed as when you wake up. 


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