The Story.

OK, everyone, here’s the story:

I got hired as a GA (General Assistant).  Basically what that means is that I would just do whatever general work needed to be done.  There are many things that are not planned for and us GAs pick up the slack. 

 At the beginning of the summer season, the person employed as the Wate Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Operator decided not to show up for the orientation.  So as RPSC scrambled around to find someone else to take his place, they stuck me in there. 

 I figured it might be fun to work in the WWTP (and for those of you who don’t know, that means sewage plant) for a little while, while they tracked down the next operator.  However, it looks as if the next operator will not be getting here for quite a while.  Anyone remember how many doctor’s appointments it took me to PQ (physically qualify)?  And I even had a head start.  So, unfortunately, it looks as if I may be stuck working in WWTP for my entire stay here.  So, basically, I’ve been listening to a lot of xhardcorex on my iPod, and spraying shit with a hose (and by shit, of course, I don’t mean “stuff”.  I quite literally mean “shit”).  I am learning quite a bit…enough to give people tours of the plant itself (click here to see photos from Eli/Meredith’s tour). 

 And now the audience participation portion of the program.  I am in the process of finding out what one needs to do to change one’s position from a GA to a WWTP apprentice/helper so that I can get a raise, ’cause I think I’m not really doing the job of a “GA” anymore, seeing as how my job is not general at all….it’s quite specific.  Am I unreasonable to ask that?  Should I ask to do that, or just stay a “GA” in the hopes that the soon to be hired WWTP operator would come a long and I’d get to get out of there and out into the wild that is the rest of Antarctica? 

 Ok, hope you’re all doing well.  I love and miss you all! 


3 Responses to “The Story.”

  1. shaners Says:

    unless there’s a significant pay difference, i say stay GA. it at least gives you some possibilities down the road.

    ro add.

    ps. i think you mean “literally” not “iterally”. like “i literally shit my pants because i was laughing so hard.”

  2. Chris Says:

    Ah mern, the blog is always entertaining. Disturbingly, Eli’s photos reminded me of brewing beer.

    I feel like they can’t pay you enough to be a “poop-jockey.” If it looks like you are going to be stuck there, by all means see what you can do about getting promoted.

    “A turd in the hand is worth two in the bush”

  3. toabuckets Says:

    I have no idea. It probably doesnt make much difference what you do, since you are dealing with a big beaurocracy … maybe try talking to your boss.

    FYI, check out my blog, I am adding to it 2-3 time per day, until I get caught up to current. I am also going to try posting our Spain pictures on Fliker

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