Polar Plunge!

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while….so here you go….finally!

A few days ago I got to do something that I have wanted to do since before I left Portland….a polar plunge! I was going to do it when I was dive tending, but a) the heater in the dive hut was busted and b) I forgot to bring a towel. I thought my dream would never come true.

Eli and I bumped into our friend Tom who told us about a polar plunge he had done with night before, and if we wanted in all we had to do was track down Nick (our friend who controls the dive robots with an Xbox controller). Around 9:45 we all met in MMI (my dorm). There were eight of us. It’s important to note that RPSC does not like people to do polar plunges….go figure. We had to plan a covert op. We snuck down to the dive hut in pairs so as not to raise suspicion. Nick and I got there first and prepared the hole in the ice (clear away any ice that had built up over the last few days and hook up the ladder for getting out of the water). There were tiny little ice angels floating (some alive, some dead) around in the water.

After everyone arrived, we all started to strip down to our birthday suits. Into the hole in the sea ice I went! The antarctic ocean is about 28 degrees, and believe me…it was COLD. When you’re only in it for less than a minute, you can definitely deal with it. However, EVERYONE who jumped in squealed and shouted various swear words while coming back out. It was invigorating. I did it twice.

polar plunge


8 Responses to “Polar Plunge!”

  1. worstdukeever Says:

    ive seen this picture before and i got to hear about it from eli when we gmail talked the day after, but it never fails to amaze me. you guys are nuts. reminds me of wading in that glacier stream, or when jess and i went SWIMMING in that glacier river this time around in switzerland. maybe its not quite the same. but still fucking cold. you guys are badasses.

  2. dannyketner Says:

    that fact that you were in 28 degree water is pretty awesome, but what’s more impressive is that f’n gnarly beard. holy shit.

    p.s. i have a blog up and running now, too. dannyketner.wordpress.com. feel free to stop on over and check it out.

  3. toabuckets Says:

    ¡Twice! Are you nuts?

  4. ianphillips Says:

    Did Eli’s penis turn inside out?

  5. ingrid.attleson Says:

    well, that certainly put some hair on your face…

  6. Mike Bogle Says:

    Good God man! Great pic though LOL Found you courtesy of Duncan Riley – looking forward to reading the posts 🙂

  7. Ellen Says:

    Now that is really a Polar Plunge! The people in New York City call their dip in the by the same thing. No doubt you are seizing the moment, ah…make that moments!


  8. ingrid Says:

    the thought of a tiny dead ice angel makes me more sad than your lack of a decent tan…

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