Antarctic Bar Fights.

Click here to read about the jackasses that got into a bar fight at the South Pole on Xmas eve over a girl (from what I’ve heard). I’ve heard that the flights to pick those two up, bring them to McMurdo, and then on to Christchurch cost somewhere around $325,000.  The guy who got his jaw broken is a pretty important computer tech (designed much of the software used at McMurdo and the South Pole).  He was supposed to help set up the new power plant’s computer component this next week. I guess we’ll have to delay that, huh?


2 Responses to “Antarctic Bar Fights.”

  1. Dirty South (Pole) « Out to Dry Says:

    […] into a drunken brawl 3,240 miles away from the nearest hospital.  My friend n8 saw some of the aftermath of the christmas eve scuffle.  He’s currently working at McMurdo station, which is the […]

  2. Ellen Says:

    Goes to show that where ever we go, there we are! I suspect they are the same in the states. Sad.

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