Weather Balloon & 2008

OK, lots to report, but I’ll narrow it down to two major things.

1) I was heading back down to the power plant one day after lunch when I noticed a building that’s normally locked up tight was standing wide open. I poked my head in and saw a man filling a large balloon with helium. It turns out that the man, a scientist named Ed, does two balloon launches a day from that location and I had just never been there at the right time. Ed told me that the device at the end of the balloon takes temperature and wind speed readings (as well as others) while it climbs to 60,000 feet. That’s insane. Unfortunately after it reaches that height, the balloon bursts, and the equipment just falls to the ground (or ocean). Bummer for what ever creature tries to eat that. I hope to check out a few more launches, and maybe even fill the balloon next time. That would be great.

2) New Years Eve was fantastic. Around about 11pm we started to bundle up in our ECW and head out to Ob Hill. There were about 15 of us all together. It’s important to note that there was a decent blizzard blowing through town as we were making the climb. Snow blowing around, wind howing and creating little cyclones, and cold temperatures…but that didn’t stop some people from going in short sleaves. when we got to the top we broke out the funny hats, party poppers, noise makers, and the booze for those that wanted it (not me…yuck). Eli brought his iPod and some speakers, so we hooked it up in his backpack and had a little dance party up there. It was great. We counted down the new year and yelled and screamed and danced. things got a bit out of hand with people slipping on the snow and climbing up and hanging on the cross….lots of fun. We realized that as the sun began to very faintly shine through the snow, that we were the first people to see the sun in 2008! When we’d had enough of the cold we started climbing down (or in some people’s cases, falling down), but realized there was still some dancing left in us. We decided it would be a great idea to break into the abandoned nuclear power plant warehouse and continue the dance party. We were right, it was a great idea. People were dancing on boxes, shelves, and anything else they could climb up on. I had a ton of fun, and then, of course, Captain Fall-down struck again when I tried to hop up on a box and fell face first on the ground….I have a nice sized swollen welt on my right wrist.

Oh, and I can finally kidnap a woman, tie her to the railroad tracks, and laugh maniacally. A life long dream.


One Response to “Weather Balloon & 2008”

  1. DannyKetner Says:

    nice handlebars!

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