Year in Review

Eli recently did a year in review on his blog, and I thought that sounded like a great idea, so here it is!

* I finished up my 365 days project (click on any of the archived months from 2006 to read all about the awesome stuff I did that year).

* I took out my tongue ring after having it for nine years (I think).

* I started to really learn how to play the guitar by trying to learn a new song every other day. This was a tough project, but I kept at it for several months.

* I had to say goodbye to Nick and Gabe Boldon as I was going to Portland, OR. It was tough, because those guys have been a huge part of my life. I miss them and they miss me. Gabe and I are pen-pals, and Nick and I are email pals (except he never writes me back). One of our last hurrahs was dressing up like characters from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and then going to see a sold out showing of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” which was amazing on just about every single level I can think of.

* (as I said before) I moved to Portland, OR. I love it there and I cannot wait to get back!

* I only need 25 more NES games and I will have a full U.S. collection. And of those twenty-five, I only need one to have a full licensed U.S. collection. That’s madness.  And if you’ve got any of those games, let me know! 

* I went on a pretty massive road trip. I flew out to Minneapolis to work with Nick and Gabe for a week and train in the new lead PCA as well as hang out with friends (Big E, Emily, Emily, Emily (yup, three of ’em), Franklin, etc). Then I drove to Chicago to do some more visiting (Sean, Matt, Teresa, 11, David, Mandy), which included my awesome Auntie Ellen (LN). After meeting up with Eli, we made our way to Pentwater for some relaxin next to Lake Michigan and living it up kids’ style at the cottage. Next Eli and I made our way to Noblesville for some quality time with the fam and the rest of the jokers who call Indiana home (Ian Weed, Andyman, and others that I am totally forgetting). then Eli and I packed up my car and drove out to Portland making our one scheduled stop at Car Henge. Amazing.

* My amazing grandmother died.

* I swept the NWCGE2K7.

* I finally got a job in Antarctica!

So that was 2007 in a few minutes. What a year. 2008 is going to kick its ass, though.


4 Responses to “Year in Review”

  1. toabuckets Says:

    Enjoyed reading your 2007 synopsis. it is especially interesting to see what types of things you consider important enough to include. What is an example of something that ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’?

  2. D Says:

    Just heard from friends in the crimethinc project that you ordered books from Antarctica. In an effort to send mail to every continent on the earth, could I send you a letter? My email is yoshomon(at) if you want to send me your address…

  3. ingrid Says:

    and WHY did you move to portland? a-hem?

  4. Ellen Says:

    Quite a year! Or shall I say another adventurous year in the life of the fabulous Nathan? Ah, the digestion of a year. Actually, I do a similar thing every new year by writing in my journal the highlights, and then set some too goals. Of course, one of my goals is to visit the Duke’s — all of the Duke’s. What would you like to included in your list of highlights next year? Any goals/adventures planned for 2008?

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