They may have won the battle….

Well…here’s the short version.  
I’ve been doing the job of a power plant operator now since Dec 1.  I was supposed to be just an assistant, but due to shortages, I’ve been doing the job 100%….new schedule, new responsibilities, completely unsupervised, and I’ve even been training in the next generation of power plant operator (another GA).  Things were going pretty well. 

I had attempted to get the pay of a power plant operator, because I’m doing the work, but only getting payed a GA’s wage (half that of a power plant operator).  So, I tried my best and was basically shot down because I’m a GA and I apparently can do anything around here, but nothing at the same time.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense.  The next idea was to try and weasel my way into the title of power plant operator without the pay increase, then when they give me the title, BAM, pay increase. 

After trying to for weeks to get someone in HR to talk to me and give me a straight answer, I finally got a meeting with the head of FEMC (the department I’m working for).  Basically the guy wouldn’t listen to me….just kept repeating the same lines over and over. 

I made my point logically and explained how I was unsupervised (he pretended this was the first he’d heard of it even though he’d gotten emails weeks in advance), how I was training other people to do the job I was doing, and how there were no other people on station to take this job.  I’d proven myself as being a competent operator by dealing with several emergencies (some all by myself) but he just wouldn’t listen.  And then he got angry with me for “going over his head” even though I’d been told by my supervisor to go to HR.  He ended the meeting by saying that it didn’t really matter anyway because I was being moved out of the power plant to do some sort of plumbing nonsense and the other GA was going to be taking my spot.  This does not solve the problem of a GA doing an operator’s work at all, but it gets me out of the way. 

So I’ve resigned to do as little to no work as possible until I get to leave this shithouse.  I’m so frustrated with the whole thing, and there’s no way in hell that I’m coming back next season.  

Fuck RPSC. 

On top of that, Christine, one of the absolute nicest, most caring DAs on station (she works with Eli and Mere) was fired for a slue of bullshit reasons in a witch hunt to try and get rid of her.  She is supposed to be flown off the ice tomorrow.  We’re trying to do all we can (get her another job, find ways for her to stall), but basically morale is WAY down, & it doesn’t look like we’ll succeed.  What I think she should do is just refuse to show up for her flight….I mean, what are they going to do….fire her?  Take away her bonus?  She’s got nothing to lose.  I’m really just fed up. 

I don’t know if all/any of this makes sense to those of you off the ice, but it doesn’t really matter…I’m furious at the whole debacle, and I’m ready to get the fuck out of Antarctica….but not until we show ’em they can’t screw with ‘the little guy’ without repercussions. 🙂


8 Responses to “They may have won the battle….”

  1. Drew Says:

    Nate, I’ve talked to Morgen a little bit about the working conditions there, and even though I’m not there and I don’t know every detail, I’m enraged. It sounds like every authority figure in Antarctica is a big asshole. The dishwashers ought to stage some massive strike or sit-in or something. Nobody likes dirty dishes. Solidarity, brother. I hope the month or so that you have left is not too hellish. Peace.

  2. shaners Says:

    yeah! and to show my support and solidarity with you i’ll not wash my dishes here in symbolic protest of the unwashed dish of the workers oppression on the ice.

    damn the man!

    or something like that.

  3. DK Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses.

  4. ianphillips Says:

    Just remember, when you’re done you can think to yourself, “Well, I’m never goin’ THERE again,” and it will be a totally reasonable statement. It’s not like some trashy bar you walked into on accident, it’s freaking Antartica. Some drunk friend of yours isn’t going to drag you to Antartica some night after all the rest of the bars have closed.

  5. Brandon Troy...hero Says:

    The bullshit is you can’t even punish your superiors with physical violence under the cover of night.

  6. Margaret Says:

    I just finished reading “antartica” by Kim Stanley Robinson, and it spends many chapters addressing just this. I’m sorry to hear about it reaching out of fiction!

  7. dbabbit Says:

    I’ve worked on a power plant here in Georgia – They do suck. I feel for ya. All those rules and it’s all to protect seniority. That’s BS. If you can do the job, you should be getting paid for it.

  8. VaLanasegew Says:

    Wonderful internet site. I will come back again:)

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