Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-jig.

Well, it’s been a while.  So here’s the story: Things were wrapping up nicely in Antarctica.  I was doing as little work as possible.  I was planning my travels with Shane and my visits to good friends in New Zealand.  I was excited.  On the night of the 7th (the night before I was to leave Antarctica), I gathered up a gang of friends and we headed out to the Happy Camper site so that I could see the finished Quinzee that I worked on.  We hiked out to the Happy Camper site out on the sea ice and it was a beautiful evening.  The sun was shining brightly and we were all in good spirits.  

I got to go in the quinzee and let me tell you, the rest of the gang had done a great job finishing that structure.  It was HUGE.  As I climbed out of the quinzee, however, things took a turn for the worse.  I took two or three steps and the next thing I know, my ankle turns inward and I collapse on the ice.  It hurt like hell.  I got up and with some help hobbled back to the road and flagged down a shuttle that took me into town.  I went into medical and got x-rayed.  No broken bones, which is nice….or so I thought.  Apparently, sprains can take longer to heal that broken bones.  My ankle hurt like hell and I couldn’t put any weight on it.  It was swollen and bruised and I had to be on crutches.  My flight the next day was cancelled and I ended up laying in my bed watching movies for a few days.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t do anything.  I couldn’t get my own food, I couldn’t carry anything….I was useless.  I was so afraid that my travel plans would be screwed up.  

On the 11th (I think) was was told that I’d be leaving Antarctica.  I had my roommate take my bags over the the bag drag area and a shuttle picked me up and took me to the airfield.  I had a hard time keeping back my tears of frustration.  The plane ride was horribly uncomfortable.  Five hours crammed in a military flight doesn’t help your ankle.  My plan was to wait it out in New Zealand until I was able to walk again without crutches.  I had no idea how hard that would be.  After the first few hours I knew that I couldn’t do that.  I had been told that it would be maybe two full weeks before I’d be able to walk without crutches and then another two weeks before I’d be back to normal.  I couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I had to take a taxi across town to get food.  I had to ask my friends to help me with everything.  I was miserable.  so I had to make the tough decision to leave my travels behind.  The hardest part was telling Shane.  I still feel bad that he’s there all on his own.  I’m sure he’s fine, but I feel bad about how the whole thing turned out.  

Anyway,  my pal Alex was also heading back to the states to go on tour with The Pharmacy so the plan was that he’d help me through the airports and be able to cruise through to the head of the lines with me.  However, when we got to the ticket counter in Christchurch, it was revealed to him that he would not be able to travel due to ‘structural damage’ to his passport.  Bummer Alex.  However, he did eventually make it back to Seattle.  So I’ve been hanging out with Ingrid, ‘the wieners’, Maggie, and Hannah even came down to visit.  But basically I’ve been laying around with my foot up and watching illegally downloaded movies, listening to a bunch of mosh metal/hardcore, and reading comics.  Not a horrible life by any means, but I’m kind of sick of not being able to get around.  I can hobble without the crutches now, but not for very long distances before my ankle gets angry with me.  

So, if you’ve got  suggestions of media I should check out, I’d appreciate it.  


4 Responses to “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-jig.”

  1. DK Says:

    I don’t have any suggestions for any new media for you, unless you count seasons 1-3 of Lost, which, I’m sure, you’re more than up to speed on. What I wanted to say was I was hit #6,660 on your blog. Devilishy interesting. (Okay, bad pun). Take care of the foot.

  2. Andyman Says:

    WTF, Nate? In how many of your posts do you get hurt? Just be more careful, biotch.

    I’ve got some online media for you, I suppose. If you go to “veoh.com” you can watch all 13 episodes of Clone High. It’s the only place I’ve managed to find them online, and they’re pretty high quality too! Nice! Get well, sucka!

  3. aj foster Says:

    bumcity about the ankle dude….check out http://www.quicksilverscreen.com. that could keep you busy for a while.

  4. Ellen Says:


    Sorry to hear about your immobility. I can identify because when I first broke my foot in January I was totally dependent. I felt vulnerable. Physically it is hard to carry anything while maneuvering with crutches. Emotionally I felt alone. Anyway, I was off my foot for two weeks, before I could use a walking cast. Actually they call it a boot. It has been about 9 weeks now and x-rays show that I am healing. About 3 more weeks to go for me.

    As I am writing this it is now March 19th, so I trust you are feeling better.


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