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2008 Presidential Election.

October 21, 2008

I can not and will not vote for anyone who has said that they would increase the military’s budget.  I can not and will not vote for anyone who wants to send more troops into Afghanistan, and who wants to go kick ass in Iran.  I can not and will not vote for anyone who voted to give the $700 billion to the banks who fucked up, and allows corporations to run wild.  I can not and will not vote for anyone who approves nuclear power.  I can not and will not vote for anyone who does not wish to impeach Bush/Cheney.  I can not and will not vote for anyone who will not open an independent investigation into 9/11.  

What more will it take for people to realize that voting for McCain or Obama is throwing your vote away.  McCain will lose, and Obama will win.  Just prepare yourselves to be disappointed.  

That’s not to say that I will not vote.  I definitely will vote.  I will be voting for Ralph Nader.  I was considering voting for Cynthia McKinney, and I still love her to death, but I just don’t think she has the experience that Nader does.  Maybe she could be on his cabinet.


Ok, fine….

April 21, 2008

So, here’s a little update….

My ankle is still not 100%.  I’m going to a physical therapist and doing all sorts of odd exercises such as picking up marbles with my toes and putting them in a jar, balancing on one foot while throwing a heavy medicine ball at a trampoline, & electrocuting my ankle while wrapping it in ice.  It’s a weird experience…but I think I’m getting better.  I’ve got a re-evaluation on Wednesday to find out how much longer I’ll need to continue with this.

On Wednesday of this past week, I finally broke down, and with the help of Drew, built one kick ass shelving unit for my huge NES collection.  It was quite a project, and ended up taking two days due to a mistake in measurement….but everything turned out just fine.  It’s really a site to behold.  It is 6.5 feet high, and 3.75 feet wide, & 13 shelves of pure video gaming craziness.  It’s really amazing.  If any of you would like to come over and play Rampart with me, drop me a line….let’s make it happen.  

Saturday was the big Beer Pong tourney at the Ass Chapel Duex.  There were 24 (?) teams of two with partners chosen randomly….it was madness.  My partner was some guy named Jesse….good guy.  Oh, for those of you wondering, no, I didn’t drink any beer.  Jesse had to drink for two…like a pregnant lady.  There were three sXe-ers there: Shane, Bookis, and me.  Anyway, the tournament was double elimination, and, of course, we lost our first match and were forced into the losers’ bracket.  Jesse and I swept through four rounds (including a solid pounding of Shane/Hannah) of the losers’ bracket before we were beaten in a close match.  the whole thing was a lot of fun, and I love the idea of Shane’s sXe-pong.  OH, and it turns out that the girl didn’t die….she was just hiding in the closet.  

The next day was of course 420….lots of weed….lots of hilarity.  I saw a guy walking out of some glass/head shop near my house with a bong the size of a large cat.  Shane, Ingrid, Hannah, Bookis, and I went to Paradox for ‘brunch’, which was great, and exactly like last time….we had to wait for EVER for a table, and then the SUPER DUPER cute waitress (Ashley) served us.  After taking Shane to the Amtrak station, and Hannah/Beaky to the boys’ to catch a ride, I went to Sarah’s house for a new tattoo!  I really like it a lot.  It’s a little boy swinging on a rope…. I’ll put up a photo soonish.  

Thanks to everyone who made my weekend a LOT of fun: Ingrid, Shane, Hannah, Bookis, Dustin, Drew, Casey, Brandon, Tyler, Jesse, Danny, Brit, Lucas, Sarah, Blaine, ad everyone I’m forgetting!  


March 4, 2008

Last night I was a forced participant in the Victory Brothers Podcast. Listen to it by downloading it on iTunes, or go to their myspace page.

Year in Review

January 7, 2008

Eli recently did a year in review on his blog, and I thought that sounded like a great idea, so here it is!

* I finished up my 365 days project (click on any of the archived months from 2006 to read all about the awesome stuff I did that year).

* I took out my tongue ring after having it for nine years (I think).

* I started to really learn how to play the guitar by trying to learn a new song every other day. This was a tough project, but I kept at it for several months.

* I had to say goodbye to Nick and Gabe Boldon as I was going to Portland, OR. It was tough, because those guys have been a huge part of my life. I miss them and they miss me. Gabe and I are pen-pals, and Nick and I are email pals (except he never writes me back). One of our last hurrahs was dressing up like characters from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and then going to see a sold out showing of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” which was amazing on just about every single level I can think of.

* (as I said before) I moved to Portland, OR. I love it there and I cannot wait to get back!

* I only need 25 more NES games and I will have a full U.S. collection. And of those twenty-five, I only need one to have a full licensed U.S. collection. That’s madness.  And if you’ve got any of those games, let me know! 

* I went on a pretty massive road trip. I flew out to Minneapolis to work with Nick and Gabe for a week and train in the new lead PCA as well as hang out with friends (Big E, Emily, Emily, Emily (yup, three of ’em), Franklin, etc). Then I drove to Chicago to do some more visiting (Sean, Matt, Teresa, 11, David, Mandy), which included my awesome Auntie Ellen (LN). After meeting up with Eli, we made our way to Pentwater for some relaxin next to Lake Michigan and living it up kids’ style at the cottage. Next Eli and I made our way to Noblesville for some quality time with the fam and the rest of the jokers who call Indiana home (Ian Weed, Andyman, and others that I am totally forgetting). then Eli and I packed up my car and drove out to Portland making our one scheduled stop at Car Henge. Amazing.

* My amazing grandmother died.

* I swept the NWCGE2K7.

* I finally got a job in Antarctica!

So that was 2007 in a few minutes. What a year. 2008 is going to kick its ass, though.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

May 31, 2007

I just got back from the most amazing film experience of my life. It was so incredibly awesome. I took Nick and Gabe to the Riverview for this. There were kids and adults dressed up as Indy characters (pictures coming soon). I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this was. I laughed the entire time (partially from the funny bits, but also from the amazing work that went into it). So, just click on these links for more info.

The Indy Experience

Ultimate Indy Flick

Websites as art.

January 19, 2007

Here is a graph of this website. Pretty freakin’ sweet, huh?

Day 365 – All or nothing day

January 9, 2007

Wow! A year, huh? Well, my original plan for today was to go to a horse track and bet everything I had, but I couldn’t find one that was nearby, nor do I think they would have been outside in the cold cold weather we had today. Brrrr. However, I did drop a sickening amount of money on a collection of 300+ NES games that I’m going to resell. I think that I can more than make my money back, but it was a crazy thing for meto do.

I’m really glad that I did this activity. Did it change my life? I don’t really think so. I mean, it did give me things to talk about with strangers, and I did write in a blog just about everyday for a year, and I did some things that I wouldn’t have done normally; but I tend to do things like the things listed anyway. I’m still very glad that I kep track of this sort of thing.

I got over 700 points, so I am in the runnings for the winner. I’m sure no one else kept track of their points (or even participated for that matter), but I think that 888 points is pretty respectable. 2.43 points a day. That’s pretty freakin’ good, if you ask me.

I also kept track of the books read/comics read/movies watched throughout the year. Check that stuff out on the pages listed on the right hand side.

Thanks to everyone who supported me while doing this, and I hope to do something like it again at sometime, but I’m also happy to not have to write in this blog unless I have something to say.

I love you all!

Points earned: 3
Total points: 888

Day 364 – Great everyone you cross as a long lost friend and see if they claim to remember you

January 8, 2007

Today I went to Kinkos to make a color photo copy of a picture for Ingrid and while I was there I kept telling the man behind the counter that we must have gone to high school with each other because he looked so familiar. He didn’t buy it, and after I bought my photocopy, he seemed to have had enough and asked me to leave. I consider that a success.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 885

Day 363 – Dedicate the day to the god thor

January 8, 2007

I did, but there wasn’t much I could do. I read a couple of comic books with Thor in ’em. Other than that, this day was a waste.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 882

Day 362 – Sell a very minor sexual favor

January 8, 2007

I asked Gabe if I he could give me a hug, and I said no. But I told him that if he ate the rest of his lunch that he could give me a hug. I don’t think that counts though.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 879