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Do I Have the Largest Old School Nintendo Collection Ever?

November 19, 2008

I was having a talk with Shane about this.  

1.  Do I have the largest NES collection in Portland?  Mostly likely.

2.  Do I have the largest NES collection in Oregon?  Probably. 

3.  Do I have the largest NES collection on the west coast?  Maybe.

4.  Do I have the largest NES collection west of the Mississippi?  Probably not, but who knows?  

I mean, I’ve never seen anyone who has a bigger collection.  I’d like to meet someone who does….


My NES Collection is FAMOUS!

May 6, 2008

Check it out, y’all:

Shaners, put up a photo of my new NES shelf on Digg! Thanks Shane. For those of you wanting to see a list of my games, check this out. And if you have any of these, let me know.

Ok, fine….

April 21, 2008

So, here’s a little update….

My ankle is still not 100%.  I’m going to a physical therapist and doing all sorts of odd exercises such as picking up marbles with my toes and putting them in a jar, balancing on one foot while throwing a heavy medicine ball at a trampoline, & electrocuting my ankle while wrapping it in ice.  It’s a weird experience…but I think I’m getting better.  I’ve got a re-evaluation on Wednesday to find out how much longer I’ll need to continue with this.

On Wednesday of this past week, I finally broke down, and with the help of Drew, built one kick ass shelving unit for my huge NES collection.  It was quite a project, and ended up taking two days due to a mistake in measurement….but everything turned out just fine.  It’s really a site to behold.  It is 6.5 feet high, and 3.75 feet wide, & 13 shelves of pure video gaming craziness.  It’s really amazing.  If any of you would like to come over and play Rampart with me, drop me a line….let’s make it happen.  

Saturday was the big Beer Pong tourney at the Ass Chapel Duex.  There were 24 (?) teams of two with partners chosen randomly….it was madness.  My partner was some guy named Jesse….good guy.  Oh, for those of you wondering, no, I didn’t drink any beer.  Jesse had to drink for two…like a pregnant lady.  There were three sXe-ers there: Shane, Bookis, and me.  Anyway, the tournament was double elimination, and, of course, we lost our first match and were forced into the losers’ bracket.  Jesse and I swept through four rounds (including a solid pounding of Shane/Hannah) of the losers’ bracket before we were beaten in a close match.  the whole thing was a lot of fun, and I love the idea of Shane’s sXe-pong.  OH, and it turns out that the girl didn’t die….she was just hiding in the closet.  

The next day was of course 420….lots of weed….lots of hilarity.  I saw a guy walking out of some glass/head shop near my house with a bong the size of a large cat.  Shane, Ingrid, Hannah, Bookis, and I went to Paradox for ‘brunch’, which was great, and exactly like last time….we had to wait for EVER for a table, and then the SUPER DUPER cute waitress (Ashley) served us.  After taking Shane to the Amtrak station, and Hannah/Beaky to the boys’ to catch a ride, I went to Sarah’s house for a new tattoo!  I really like it a lot.  It’s a little boy swinging on a rope…. I’ll put up a photo soonish.  

Thanks to everyone who made my weekend a LOT of fun: Ingrid, Shane, Hannah, Bookis, Dustin, Drew, Casey, Brandon, Tyler, Jesse, Danny, Brit, Lucas, Sarah, Blaine, ad everyone I’m forgetting!  


October 1, 2007

I had a blast at the Northwest Classic Games Expo 2007. I even won a few things! I got the high score on Burgertime for NES (22,400) and won an Atari Chapionship shirt…pretty cool. I got the high score on Mario Clash for Virtual Boy (69,990) and won a plug in SSX Snowboarding game. I got SMOKED in Guitar Hero. It wasn’t even funny. But at least I got beat by the kid that got 2nd place. I entered the NES competition and it went down like this: I beat John Hancock (the guy I met yesterday) in Balloon Fight, but it was pretty close. Then I destroyed the next round of Dr. Mario (man, I love that game), and beat some poor kid that had never played that game before. The second to last round was Marble Madness, which I got the highest score on (41,200), and I’m usually not all that good at that game. The final round was on an actual Nintendo World Championship 1990 cart that some guy had. It was prety impressive. He payed 2 grand for it, which is a pretty good price on that cart. Anyway, I thought I had it in the bag, ’cause I’ve been playing that repro for a while now and I pretty consistantly get in the upper 700,000s, but I choked under the pressure and got third place…oh well. I did win a copy of Halo 3 for Xbox 360….I guess I’ll sell it on ebay…I mean, I’m not even reMOTELY interested in that game. All in all, I had one heck of a great time and I can’t wait to go next year, and maybe even go to PAX. That’d be fun.

Oh yeah, then I came home and played a kick ass game of Settlers of Catan with Ingrid, Matthew, and Katherine. Good times. Anyone else wanna play SofC?

one crazy ‘summer’

September 29, 2007

Things have been ultra crazy around here, but the most fun part of that craziness has been this weekend. Two awesome fests are in portland: the Stumptown Comics Fest and the NWCGE2K7. I’ll start with Stumptown….for those of you who don’t know, Portland is chalk full of indie comics. Oni, Top Shelf, & Dark Horse are all stationed here, and tons of writers/artists live here (Bendis, Wagner, Thompson, etc). So this was kind of the super hip comiccon. I got to check out some sweet handmade comics (some of them just about as professionally made as Fredward ever was). I met Matt Wagner and he stetched a sweet Trinity (Supes/Bats/Wondies) scene in my hardcover version of Trinity. I met Eli’s buddy from Nintendo, Kazimir Strzepek, who makes a fuckin’ cool book called “The Mourning Star”. Check it out. I got to go hear Mike Alred speak, which was WAY cool. I am a huge fan of his work on Xforce and Xstatics because it was like NOTHING being made at Marvel at that time. It’s incredible. He was such a cool guy to meet, and I wish I could have hung out with him longer….Madman #3 (from the current series) is absolutely amazing…pick it up…you won’t regret it. (oh, and I went to this fest with my new buddy, Matthew, who is totally cool, and I can’t wait to play some Settlers of Catan with him).

NWCGE2K7 (North West Classic Gaming Expo 2007) is very differnt, but very cool in its own right. There were just as many venders, but these guys didn’t make the product they’re selling. It’s weird going to look at NEs collector’s crap they’re selling. I don’t need any of it. I was unable to find a single game that I needed for my collection (click that little ‘NES games” button on the right to check out my collection). I was able to make a few new friends, including a guy named John Hancock who has more video games that I’d ever be able to keep track of. He was very excited to meet me, and he’s even offered to give me a hand tracking down the last few games I need. There were several tournaments going on during the two days: Halo 3 (gross), Guitar Hero 2, Burgertime on the NES (which I had the high score on at the end of day one), Mario Clash on Virtual Boy (which I had the high score on at the end of day one), and various other games. I’m pretty psyched to go back tomorrow and school all of those kats in Dr. Mario.

My NES Collection.

May 10, 2007

I’ve always been a huge fan of video games. I became hooked on the 8-bit Nintendo long before I got my first one back in 1988. I continued to play that thing well after it was uncool and everyone else had moved on to SNES or Genisis. Anyway, when I got back from New Zealand, I discovered that one could buy NES games for basically nothing on eBay and I decided to collect all of the NES games ever made! However, I realized that it was going to be pretty difficult, and although that is still my final goal, I’ve altered it slightly. My new goal was to collect all of the U.S. liscensed games. As of yesterday, I have all of the unliscensed games except one. The missing game is the rarest of the rare, Stadium Events, which sells for roughly $700. I kind of accepted that I will never get that game, so in some ways, I have completed my goal! Pretty freakin’ sweet, huh? You can check out my collection here. I still need Stadium Events and roughly 25 unliscensed games which you can see here. If you’ve got any of those, drop me a line and we’ll chat it up.

Elite Beat Agents

February 26, 2007

Some of you may think that it’s odd that a 28 year old man would ask for video games for x-mas, but that’s exactly what I did. I got one on my list called Elite Beat Agents. It’s amazing. First off, I love music video games (you know, like Donkey Konga, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Etc.). This is a music game for the Nintendo DS. For those of you who don’t know, the Nintendo DS has two screens (Dual Screen), one of which is touch sensitive…kind of like a palm pilot. So in the game, you have to touch these circles (and sometimes touch and drag) to the beat. It’s great. I’m a huge fan, and I can’t put it down. If you click on that link above, you can see some screen shots as well as a description of the game itself.

Oh yeah, and today in 1815, Napoleon escaped from the island of Elba.

What the world doesn’t need now…

January 7, 2006

I’ve started a blog. Whoopty-shit. It seems like everyone has one of these, and (at least the ones my friends have) they’re better than mine…I mean, look at my grammar for crying out loud! But Eli was here visiting me in Minneapolis, and he set it up.

I’ve decided to use this blog to document the following:

1. My attempt to complete the entire “This book will change your life” experiment.
2. The number of books I read, movies I watch, and shows I go to in 2006.
3. The growing quantities of NES (and other Nintendo related) games I’m amassing.
4. The lack of comments I’m going to get from my four readers.

I will give an update soon to let y’all know how things are going. Don’t forget to check out my friends’ blogs over there on the right under “Blogroll.”